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If you want to change the world - begin with yourself

If you want to change the world - begin with yourself


The General Director of "Ural Spring Plant" LLC, Denis Lukmanov, and the Chief Engineer of "Ural Spring Plant" LLC, Yevgeniy Islamov, have obtained MBA diploma of the Lomonosov MSU Business School. On 24th of June, specialists in this area got certified. Business-education makes it possible to meet the challenges of an industrial enterprise successfully, i.e. improvement of efficiency and raisin...

For lunch to a new canteen


Within the framework of the social development programme implementation at Ural Spring Plant LLC a new canteen has opened. A socially responsible company operates in accordance with the terms of labor law, cares about the working conditions and social welfare of its employees. Close attention to the public catering system, - said the head of the company, - is one of the main directi...
Create kindness

Create kindness


On the 1st of June in Beloretsk, where Ural Spring Plant LLC operates, a specialized Children’s Home celebrated its 75th anniversary. Here very small children find their own temporary home. The boy is already one year old, and his mother doesn’t even know where her son is and what’s wrong with him. She gave him a birth and … left, leaving a note: “I refuse the child”. Abandoned toddlers fall ...
Stranger children do not exist.

Stranger children do not exist.


The Ural Spring Plant LLC representatives congratulated the charges of Beloretsk Social Orphanage on Children’s Day. The notion of socially responsible business for the company is not just a declared slogan, these are the basic principles of the social policy of Ural Spring Plant LLC. Summer begins with events of celebration of the Children’s Day, which are especially held these days. On this ...
Another victory of the football team

Another victory of the football team


On the 6th of May Uralsk of the Bashkortostan Republic held a traditional tournament in futsal to the memory of the Hero of the Soviet Union Serebrennikov A.G., dedicated to the 72nd anniversary of victory in World War II. Six teams from the Republic of Bashkortostan took part in the annual tournament: Beloretsk, Uchaly, Uralsk, Mezhozerny and Inzer. On the eve of the great holiday, the footba...
Celebrations dedicated to the Victory Day

Celebrations dedicated to the Victory Day


On the 9th of May Beloretsk hosted the celebrations dedicated to the Victory Day. The celebration of the Victory Day traditionally begins with the laying on the flowers to the Eternal Flame in the Walk of Fame. Representatives of "Ural Spring Plant" LLC laid a basket of flowers to the Eternal Flame. More than once I had to talk with veterans of the war, with those, who worked those distant year...

About company

“Ural Spring Plant” LLC is a unique high tech enterprise that is engaged in manufacturing of a wide range of hot and cold-formed compression, tension and torsion springs made of wire, bars 0.6 to 55 mm in diameter, as well as cylindrical coil springs designed for railway equipment. In terms of production output and sales volume of this type of products, we are occupying a significant share of the Russian market.

A product quality control is performed at the unique laboratory equipment that allows an overall product inspection as well as guarantees a world-class quality.

Constant increase in production capacity, state-of-the-art technology, regular extension of the range of goods, effective management, quality management system certified according to international standards and automotive industry standards, good manufacturing practice contribute to the successful operation of our enterprise, thus making “Ural Spring Plant” a leader in the production of hot and cold formed springs at the Russian market.

All the above said is confirmed by a broad sales geography together with a sound reputation by our customers. It goes without saying that the most important component of success is a competence of a personnel which for the moment consists of more than 300 employees.

“Ural Spring Plant” LLC has certificates issued by a French company UTAC of conformity of the enterprise QMS to international standards ISO 9001:2008 “Quality Management Systems. Requirements” and ISO/TS 16949:2009 «Quality Management Systems - Particular requirements for the application of ISO 9001:2008 for automotive production and relevant service part organizations”.

In order to satisfy requirements of our customers, the enterprise introduces a system of “Lean Production”.

From the very start-up, the policy of our enterprise has been aimed at the creation of optimal conditions for our partners. Innovative technologies allow our customers to get products of high quality in the required amount and at the competitive price, and a broad distribution network makes collaboration with us available and convenient.

The executive director of “Ural Spring Plant” LLC M. Morozov.

1. To extend the range of products and services as well as to arrange the production of springs for Russian Railway equipment.
2. To extend sales market of goods and services.
3. To increase competitiveness of produced products and provided services.
4. To ensure quality of products and services in accordance with requirements and expectations of customers.
5. To master new lines of business.

Strategy for achieving goals:
• Analysis and constant improving of quality management system.
• Meeting requirements of international standard ISO 9001:2008, requirements of legislative documents.
• Regular survey of customers needs and requests for their satisfaction to the full extent.
• Training and professional development of “Ural Spring Plant” Ltd. personnel.
• Development and adoption of innovative technologies in the production field.
• Modernization of existing equipment and implementation of a new one for the production of springs of different applications.
• Moving from troubleshooting to preventive actions.
• Progress in personnel motivation.

The leadership of “Ural Spring Plant” Ltd. takes all responsibility for implementation of this quality policy, for its supporting at all levels and for steady increase of effectiveness of quality management system.

Work results

More than 100 deliveries

More than 100 deliveries

More than 500 customers

More than 500 customers

7 years

7 years



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Our today clients are enterprises of railway, automotive, oil, mining, ship-building, electric-power, and machine industries, along with the manufacturers of industrial machinery and agricultural equipment.


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